Finance & Investment For Start Ups

Disconnected are a UK finance group for small to medium start up businesses. If you have a good idea or a new company but need finance to get things started this is your place.

Who Are We

Disconnected are a group of investors with capital looking to invest in small to medium size companies. We are looking for new dynamic companies with great ideas and business know how to succeed. Our investors have good experience in the market and are all self made successful people within various different sectors of the UK business sector. You have probably all seen dragons den. Well its a bit like that I suppose.

What Are We Looking For

Individuals or companies who are looking to take their idea or company to the next stage.

What Do We Do?

We do not just look to offer finance but also help and advice. As mentioned the investors have good knowledge in various different niche markets within the UK and may also be able to help with strategy, marketing and promotion.

How Does It Work?

You submit your idea by contacting us on the contact us page. Give us a general idea of what it is you are looking to do and a rough amount of money you are looking to have invested into the company. We will then contact you to discuss it further. If it is of interest to us we will then arrange a meeting with you to discuss the investment and strategy. Investment is given in return of equity in the company. There may of course be returns on equity available it really depends on the investment.


All company directors will be asked to take out a key man insurance policy to protect the investment. You can speak to Top Bridging Finance for more information on this as they are our approved brokers.

How Much Can We Get As Finance?

Our investments are anything from £25,000 up to 1 Million depending on size and investors that want to get on board.

Can I Become An Investor

Yes. Again please contact us and we can add you to our investor bank. Also make sure to check out our latest articles on investments and companies that we have helped in the past.